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Saturday, June 17, 2006

kenduri jasni-11june2006

g kenduri kawin jasni(engineer kt siemens)..dia kawin ngan org teping(anak mami lg tuu)..jasni ni org batu pahat (jawa) same like my father...we all g sana ramai2 ngan geng2 siemens..aku naik keta skali ngan aliza n bf nyer...suka tgk dia n bf nye..mesra sgt..then, terigt lak aku ngan dia yg jauh di mata..bilela bole kita jumpa ye...almost two months, we did not seen each other.rindu sgt kt abg..
the groom,jasni mmg sempoi abihla..atas pelamin bole dok wat lawak lg..funny sgt...wish u hepy always with ur beloved wife...

ALiza n bf with the bride n groom...(cam hang tuah je)

geng2 kt siemens...dr kiri: en.mukriz,en.jasni n wife,en bajar, duduk: en naim, en pian n no idea..

tiga dara pingitan : aliza, kak zu n me

Friday, June 16, 2006

a day with sweet memories

today, geng2 trainees kena bergambar kt reliability lab..aku ni, kalo bab2 bergambo ni, suka je..dok berposing sana sini...posing maut tuu...kami mmg wat riuh la dlm lab tuu..huru hara laa kalo ada geng trainee ni..
skang ni, keja mmg tak, kami mmg buka kedai kopi laa..dok bersembang je kejanye...dah tak dak org bg keja..engineers kt sini mmg wat tak tau je kt kami sume supervisor lglaa wat tau je..dia dah tak tau nk bg keja ape dah...lgpun, aku kt siemens ni, 2 mggu je week, lec dah nk, kena prepare for my presentation..tak prepare lg nii..takutnye..tak tau nk present, half of the slides dah siaplaa...

dr kiri: aku, azhar n die

die n firdaus: ketuk di, jgn tak ketuk si firdaus tu

dok bertinggung tggu apa tuuu..

anak dara bertangan besaq...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Love SomeOne

Love is when you find *someone* that you can't live without and you can't even imagine what your life would be like without them. *Someone* who is like your best friend and you can be yourself around them. It's when words can't even come close to how your heart feels. Even though people might think you're foolish, you know that you and your *special someone* are meant to be together. And if you have to wait forever, that you will. Because you know your life will finally be complete with them.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

BaaaD Day!!!!!!!!

starting my day with a bad news. i have figured out that there is a girl who had call n sms, i get the girl's phone no from him n sms her..surprisingly, that girl was his first, i just warned her not to disturb my boy again. however, she had told me the biggest secret n the msg is sound like this..I called her PENGACAU...

PENGACAU: ni dikire kacau ke..if like that time awk nk dkt dia dulu, syla awek awek dia dlu..skt ati sy. sy skt sgt..

i was shocked when received that almost four yrs ago..n y i did not know..when i 1st to knew him, he told me that he was single..he don't have any gf...but, y his ex ngaku yg they still in relationship...n, i don't know what to do...

its just a bad day 4 me.....
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