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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

free, enjoy it!!!! time everybody..time to write sumthin to my dear blog...last week, i got called for an interview for post: compatibility validation engineer. but, unfortunately, the interviwer told me that he already had suitable candidate, n just waited for her answer. too bad for me, right..actually, i also knew that "suitable candidate". she was so lucky to accept that offer. she just been a GT only for 2 months but, her luck, she got offer to be a permanent. but, me..still dont know what will happen..i had waited 7 months already and still dun have offer to be a permanent worker. my boss already flied to US and leave me alone here without any sad..i'ne got new bos but he seem like dun want to accept me..he dun want to assign any job for me..but, its ok laaa...i dun have to do anything n still got the gaji (gaji buta je laa)hahaha...oklaa..stop right now..till we meet again..bye...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

LIFE is too SHORT so MAke IT SwEEt !!!!!

Life is too good

it such along time i didn write any on this blog. i want to start writing as i'm not busy time now...a lot of things i want to write here..a lot of lucky things had happen to me..actually, i just attended my convocation day last 25th August really the best and happy day for me..i really enjoy my convocation day..Thanks to God as i have a job before i attend my convocation..i'm working at intel now..n it really a good company for fresh graduates like me..., i want to write about my convocation day first..i really happy cos i can meet all my old friends and each of them had started different life now..everybody has their own career..
nadia - working with intraline..but after one month working there, she got an offer to work at intel..same with me..but, she will be at intel kulim..
ayda- Celcom is where she works in right now. even she worked as financial (different from her cost) she really enjoyed her job..
siti - a very secretive person. she didn tell me where she work now.
ketitze - working at an engineering consultance.
linda - she become a lecturer in Uitm and she will furthering her study in Master.
azra - she decline the offer from intel and will further her study in Master of Eng at Manchester University (her dream place to go).right noe, she already in Manchester City.
Cegh - she at kuitho now join the cos for lepasan ijazah(cant recall the shortcut for the course).
me and only me - join intel since last march and did enjoy the job. but still waiting for the offer to be a permanent employee at Intel.
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