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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Life is too good

it such along time i didn write any on this blog. i want to start writing as i'm not busy time now...a lot of things i want to write here..a lot of lucky things had happen to me..actually, i just attended my convocation day last 25th August really the best and happy day for me..i really enjoy my convocation day..Thanks to God as i have a job before i attend my convocation..i'm working at intel now..n it really a good company for fresh graduates like me..., i want to write about my convocation day first..i really happy cos i can meet all my old friends and each of them had started different life now..everybody has their own career..
nadia - working with intraline..but after one month working there, she got an offer to work at intel..same with me..but, she will be at intel kulim..
ayda- Celcom is where she works in right now. even she worked as financial (different from her cost) she really enjoyed her job..
siti - a very secretive person. she didn tell me where she work now.
ketitze - working at an engineering consultance.
linda - she become a lecturer in Uitm and she will furthering her study in Master.
azra - she decline the offer from intel and will further her study in Master of Eng at Manchester University (her dream place to go).right noe, she already in Manchester City.
Cegh - she at kuitho now join the cos for lepasan ijazah(cant recall the shortcut for the course).
me and only me - join intel since last march and did enjoy the job. but still waiting for the offer to be a permanent employee at Intel.

1 comment:

Pak Caq said...

Alhamdulillah.... masing2 berjaya... intel is a dream working place for fresh graduates... u r so lucky to be there just after graduated...

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